For trousers and jeans:
   1. Choose a clean, hard and flat surface at home, preferably a table.
2. Place the straight stretched measuring instrument on the table.



  Take pants or jeans from the closet that fit well both in length and width. > Fasten the button of the pants and close the zipper, then move the front of the pants about 10 cm to the side

   4. Forcefully stretch the two upper edges of the trouser belt, read the cm of the belt and multiply by 2 (results of the video example - 53cm x 2 = 106cm in the waist area (corresponds to size W39))


    Bend the tape measure so that it touches the ends of the side seams and the end of the bottom loop of the decorative zipper seam (see image). Measure the width of the hips from one side of the fabric to the other (not to the seams)


    Do the same and measure the length of the outer side seam of the pants (together with the belt).

    The obtained numbers - waist, hips, length:
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